◆ Common Shower Facilities

Guests (staying in rooms without bathroom facilities) can use the common shower in the house 24 hours a day.

There are also 2 outdoor showers w/hot water, especially nice after getting wet & sandy from the beach .


All toiletries are provided for your convenience.

◆ Common Lavatory

 There is a unisex lavatory with western style toilet w/bidet, and a urinal.

◆ Common Kitchen

Guests may use our kitchen which has 4 gas burners & cooking utensils & seasonings & dishes, so you can cook by yourself.

◆ Living Room


The Living and Dining room which is shared by all guests is in one big room connected to the kitchen area. Here you can eat and drink, study or read books. It's the place where guests come together and talk and share informations, so we would be happy if good communication happens here between guests.

There are a TV w/DVD and video player, books & comics (mostly Japanese), games, etc. (No A/C here)

◆ Drinks

・ Coffee and tea are provided free of charge.
・Softdrinks, beer and chu-hi (4% alcohol) are available for purchase.


◆ Refrigerator

Each private room has a refrigerator, and there is a big fridge in the kitchen for dormitory guests.

◆ Washing machine

There is one washing machine for guests in the common shower-room. The fee for washing is 100 yen per load. Washing detergent is free.

Guests can hang their washing in their room or outside in the yard.


◆ Air conditioner/Heater

All rooms are furnished with Air conditioner/Heater units.
Please remember to turn it off when you leave your room.
※In the dormitory rooms, AC/Heater use is 100 yen per 3 hs.

◆ Bath Towels

Bath towels are provided in private rooms (Not in domitories). The towels are changed every 2 or 3 days.
And we can rent a bath towel for 50 yen for the guests who would like new towel everyday or the guests staying in the dormitories.

※Bed linens & towels for guests staying in private rooms will be changed every 2 or 3 days.

◆ Wi-Fi Service

Wi-Fi service is available throughout the guesthouse.