Privacy Policy

At Guesthouse Miyakojima (hereinafter referred to as "this accommodation"), the laws concerning personal informations as well as other norms are strictly observed, and we give our best to protect the valuable personal informations of our guests.

About the collection of personal data

In this accommodation, the collection of personal data of a necessary scope happens in the following cases.

  • In case of an inquiry directed at this accommodation
    In case of an service-request directed at this accommodation

About the purpose of use of personal data

In this accommodation, we use the data collected from the guest for the following purposes.

  • For contacting the guests
    For the answer to the inquiry of guests
    For offering service for the guests

About supplying personal data to third parties

In this accommodation, there is no disclosuring or supplying of personal data gathered from our guest to third parties.
However, the following cases are excluded.

  • with the agreement of the person himself
  • in case of a request from the police or government administration office or similiar
  • in case of an adoption of a law

About disclosure and correction of personal data

This accommodation certainly complies in case of a request by the guest himself to disclose, correct or delete his personal data.

Contact information for inquiries concerning the protection of personal data

TEL. 0980-76-2330 FAX. 0980-76-2330
Guesthouse Miyakojima, Hirata Shuzou