Map of the area

Guest House Miyakojima

〒906-0305 Prefecture Okinawa Miyakojima City Shimoji Yonaha 233


<From the airport> 
※There is no bus from the airport in direction of the guesthouse.

Right turn from the exit of the airport, turn left at the end to Highway 390. After 3 km at the traffic light (Uechi), keep going straight to Road 191.
On the way, after passing a small housing complex on the left hand side, there is a sign "Guesthouse Miyakojima" on the left hand side.

Turn left here. After 100 meter, the beige building on the left is the Guesthouse Miyakojima.


<From Port Hirara / Hirara town area>

There are bus from the port Hirara and from Hirara town area in direction of the guesthouse. You can ride the Shimoji line of the Kyoei bus and get off at the bus station Yonaha, from threre it's about 5 minutes by foot.

If not by bus, after going out from the Port Hirara marine terminal (highway 390 bypass), go right with the ocea on your right (In direction Shimoji)
After you passed Aeon and Macdonalds , the street merges with highway 390. Then at the next trafic light with the sign [airport to the left], go straight and after that it's the same as <From the airport>.

Area Guide


Maehama beach

About 2 kilometer away from the Guesthouse, you can reach by bike for 5 min to the Maehama beach, which is said as the most beautiful beach of Japan. Even in Miyakojima,this is the most famous beach for sightseeing with long white fine sandy beach and very nice blue sea.


Big bridge of Kurima

The big bridge of Kurima is 1,690 meter long and connects Miyakojima and Kurimajima. In the last years the number of stylish cafes and small stores increased in the island. And you can see a great view of Maehama beach from the observatory here. It's a small but popular island now.

Restaurants and shopping

Around the guesthouse, there are some small restaurants (set meals, Miyako soba etc.), but most of them are only open around lunchtime. There are only two which are open in the evening (for example a yakitori stand).

For shopping, there is a 24h open convenience store and a small supermarkt (open till 19.00) around two kilometer away from the guest house.

For dinner, many of our guests cook by themselfes in the guesthouse or eat what they bought. Others sometime eat at the yakitori stand in the neighborhood, or go to city area for dinner out.