Company Profile

Limited Liability Company M-air

Location 906-0305 233 Yonaha Simoji Miyakojima Okinawa
TEL/FAX  0980-76-2330

Company corporate number: 3600-03-006912
Firm name:Limited liability company M-air
Date of Incorporation:23.01.2015
Caital stock: 150,000 yen
Business executer and senior partner:Hirata Shuzou

Business details: 
1, Paraglider, teaching of surfing and waterski etc., service business concerning over-water sightseeing flights
2, Marketing, leasing and renting of Yachts, motorboats, surfing, diving equipment and other similiar marine sports articles
3, Management of a Nailsalon
4, Travel services as well as business concerning tourist information
5, Sale of souvenirs and travel articles
6、Management of guesthouse, cottage
7、Management of restaurant
8、All work related to the former points