Private roomType A with Bath&Toilet(For 1~2 persons)


Comfortable and spacious (12.5㎡) private Rooms for 1~2 Persons.

If used by two persons, the beds can be placed together and used as one double bed or separated in a twin setting. (The picture shows the twin setting)

Furthermore, we have a room of this type with the potential of use by 3 persons, so if you wish 3 beds in a room, please ask us.

These rooms are complete with air-conditioners, electric fans, TV and refrigerators. They have spacious bathtubs in which you can stretch your legs, washstands with big mirrors, and the latest washlet toilets.
The amenities include bath towels, hand towels, disposable toothbrushs and razors, handsoap and shaving cream etc.


◆Private room Type B without Bath&Toilet(For 1~2 persons)

Medium sized (7.3㎡) private rooms for 1~2 persons.
If used by one person, we put only one bed and it becomes a comfortable single room. If used by two persons, it is possible to place the 2 beds together as one double bed or separate in a twin setting.

These rooms are complete with air-conditioners, electric fans,TV and refrigerators. The amenities are bath towels and hand towels.


left:sinlge setting         right:twin setting

Shared room separated by genderwithout Bath&Toilet(For 1~4person

The dormitories are shared rooms separated by gender with 2 bunk beds for up to 4 persons.       

Air conditioner is installed, but has a fee (coin-style with 100 Yen per 3 hs).

Because it is a shared room where other people comes and goes, it's always open(no lock). (There is a safety box for your valuables in the room.)

Please be mindful of others and cooperate with things like the use of the air conditioner and storage of luggage, because you share a limited amount of space.

Furthermore, there are some restrictions concerning the usage of these dormitory rooms, so please check out the usage rules below.




Usage rules for dormitory

If any of the following entries applies to you, please refrain from using the dormitory and use a private room instead.

・persons over 40 years.
・children under 10 years.
・persons who plan to go or come between midnight to 7am.
・persons who snore loudly, sleep-talk, or grind their teeth loudly.
・persons who have a cold or some similar contagious disease.
・persons with a bodyweight of over 100kg.
・persons with pets.